Bumper Scratch Repair

Bumper Scratch Repair with A Systems That Works!

smart repair

Bumper scratch repair’s comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether its a scuff, scratch, crack or little a ding, we offers you a professional solution at a fraction of the cost.

Most of the time you don’t need to replace the bumper, or for that matter, have the whole bumper sprayed costing you an arm and a leg. By simply focusing on the damaged area we are able to bring your vehicle back to factory standard within a few hours.

We guarantee a professional, low cost way of making your vehicle beautiful again!

The system we use in essence is quite simple:

  • Clean the damaged area
  • Prep and repair
  • Primer, wet clean & dry
  • Paint & dry clean
  • Add clearcoat
  • Lightly sand smooth and buff to a prefect shine
  • Job done!

Want to know more about SMART repairs?

We offer:

  • A skilled experienced professional (Over 11 years)
  • We only use the highest quality products and tools
  • The best technology for a perfect colour match (flawless)
  • SMART repair is a 31 – 40 step system (depending on damage)
  • When the repair is finished, your vehicle will be ready to drive.

Once booked, we offer a same-day bumper scratch repair service, guaranteeing your complete satisfaction.

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