Car Paint Chip Repair

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The Car Paint Chip Repair – Here’s two of the best ways to tackle those pesky stone clips

  • Paintwork:

If you’re looking for the ultimate repair where only perfection will do! Then paintwork is the only option. This means sanding back & feathering out, primer, painted & blended, and then lacquered. For a few stone chips this system its a little extreme. So what’s the alternative?

  • D.I.Y:

Now don’t get worried about making a mess here, the product I’m pointing you to is easy to use. In fact, my 7 year old niece used the same product on my sisters car and did a great job! So if you don’t mind a bit of DIY, then this is the product I recommend:

In the interest of saving you time the following video offers you a great review & demo. The product itself is called “Chipex”. Prices normally start from £28+VAT (depending on monthly deals). In my experience, the lowest prices kit gets most jobs done, but the choice is yours.

“Always review a product before buying!

Ask yourself… Is it right for you?”

Anyway, here’s that information:

Product Website: Chipex

Review of the product and a “how to”… ChipEx Car Paint touch up system demo! 

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For over 10 years I’ve helped vehicle owners maintain their vehicle’s value working for the leading SMART repair company in the UK (Chipsaway). As you can imagine, I have mastered the art of the perfect SMART repair. Now I and my team bring that experience and skill to you!

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