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sold out car scratch repair pen

Do Scratch Repair Pens Work?

sold out car scratch repair penAfter finishing my weekly shop the other day and I found myself walking down the DIY section heading towards the check out. And to my bemusement I noticed all the scratch repair pens were sold out!

This got me thinking, “hmm, people obviously believe these things work!”

With this in mind I’m here to impress upon you some food for thought.

First off, what type of scratch do you have?

Using your fingernails, run them up and down the scratched area. If you can feel the edge of the scratch with your fingernails, you could have a medium to deep scratch. When your fingernails glide across the damaged area you’re looking at a light scratch.

To state the obvious, a lacquer pen won’t work on a medium to deep scratch.

  • A medium scratch will need layer after layer to build it up. If the layering works, which is unlikely, you’ll be left with a strip of lacquer that’ll stand out more than the scratch itself.
  • For a deep scratch. Clear coat lacquer pens are just that! Lacquer in a pen. They’re not colour coded to your car. So if you have a scratch that’s gone through your lacquer, paint and is into primer or metal work, this product isn’t going do much.
Here’s where things get interesting, why? Because for light scratches you don’t need a pen to get that perfect finish!

In fact if you use a pen, yes it well hide the scratch, but at what cost? Bear in mind, you’re using a pen to add lacquer to your car. Don’t expect a smooth finish. You’re always going to see it, especially later on down the line when your car gets dirty. So just to clarify, a thin layered line of lacquer will show up on a smooth glassy finished panel.

So you tell me… Do lacquer pens work?

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For over 10 years I’ve helped vehicle owners maintain their vehicle’s value working for the leading SMART repair company in the UK (Chipsaway). As you can imagine, I have mastered the art of the perfect SMART repair. Now I and my team bring that experience and skill to you!

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