How To Avoid The Winter Driving Blues In The UK This Christmas

Car and snow

Winters here again bring its chilly breeze, icy roads and in some parts of the UK, even snow! And while you allow the festive spirit to take hold of you the roads are become more and more dangerous.

So today I’m going to offer you some tips (with the help of the AA and RoSPA) to stay safe and avoid a breakdown this winter.
For tips on avoiding breakdown and safety check (Article from the AA) <- This article is not longer visible on the AA site.

  • Batteries and electrics
  • Antifreeze
  • Vision
  • Visibility
  • Tyres
  • Snow and ice
  • Before you set off

Looking for information on Winter Safety (Article from RoSPA).

  • Winter driving
  • Winter driving advice for employers
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Clearing ice and snow
  • Water and leisure safety
  • Home safety (including Christmas safety)
  • Workplace safety
  • General

Into your road accidents and safety statistics? Check out .gov

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